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About the Candidate

My name is Diane M. Harris, a Social and Fiscal Conservative, mother of three, one dog. Born in a Conservative family, taught to love thy neighbor as thyself and always work hard for what's to be achieved in life.

I was educated in Will County’s Public Schools. Graduated from JJC and from University of Phoenix with a Bachelor of Science in Management. I have lived in the Historic Cathedral Area in Joliet for 21 years and attends Mt. Olive Baptist Church. I was a member of IBEW #1460 and #15 until retiring after 32 years. I am now a Small Business Owner in Downtown Joliet and currently serve as Trustee for Joliet's Public Library, Vice Chairman of the Joliet Township Republicans, 23rd Precinct Committeeman and a member of many boards and organizations throughout Will County. 

I have been a candidate for Congress and State Representative. I know that the government is supposed to be of the people by the people and for the people. But we still wait for that new birth of freedom. Our forefathers created laws base on a government for the people. We should not be, and our children's children should not be indebted to the government year after year.  That's why it's crucial we elect a conservative like me, who supports tax cuts, reducing the burdens of the payers, election reform for fair elections, 2nd Amendment for the right to keep and bear arms, and spending cuts to reduce the deficit within government. Supporting a government for the people and one that serves the people is the American way.

That’s why I hereby announce my candidacy for State Senate in the 43 District of Illinois and I hope to have your support and your vote.

1st Amendment

My Stand: I support

2nd Amendment

My Stand: I support

Clean Water Act

My Stand: I support

Critical Race Theory:

My Stand: I do not support CRT as it is my conclusion that it is backwards, and we cannot correct a system that has done so much harm by creating the same problem.

Illegal Immigration

My Stand: I do not support

Mandatory Vaccines:

My Stand: I am not anti-vaccine. I do, however, feel families or an individual, should decide if they want their children as well as any adult to receive any injections into their bodies.

Religious Freedom

My Stand: I support

School Choice

My Stand: I support

Smart Energy Act

My Stand: I support

Spending Cuts:

My Stand: I support

Tax Cuts:

My Stand: I support. 

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